PRIME / PharmaNet Access

PRIME / PharmaNet Access

This page includes PRIME / PharmaNet information for registrants seeking initial, renewal, and restoration of Prescriptive Authority Certification. 

As of November 15, 2023, PharmaNet access will be a condition to gaining, renewing, or restoring certification in Prescriptive Authority. 

  1. Set up your User Account with PRIME. This step requires your BC Services card. PRIME is a prerequisite for setting up your PharmaNet access; your PharmaNet software vendor requires your PRIME approval to set up your access. 
  2. Register your site:
    1. If you are in a clinic with other providers who have PharmaNet access, check with your clinic owner to determine if your site is already registered and the identity of PharmaNet Administrator.
    2. If you are an individual ND registering a site, review the BC PRIME website for more information about setting up a site, including identifying site signing authority and IT software vendors that may be available for contracting and organizational agreements.

NOTE: A PharmaNet site is a physical location used to deliver in-person patient care. A PharmaNet software vendor must be set up at that location. 

PharmaNet can only be accessed while the user is physically located in BC and clinics may not be roaming or entirely virtual in their setup. 

Evidence of PharmaNet access is required for your primary place of practice. You may provide any of the following:

  • The initial email you received from your software vendor confirming your access to PharmaNet for your primary place of practice. You or your site administrator should have received this email when you first obtained PharmaNet access.
  • A copy of your PRIME enrollment renewal confirmation email. This option is available for registrants who have been enrolled with PRIME for over a year.
  • If you are unable to find either of these documents and you work in a clinic with multiple practitioners, you can also ask your office manager to provide you with a letter that confirms your access to PharmaNet. The letter should:
    • be dated,
    • include the office manager’s name, position, phone, and email
    • state the name of the clinic, location, your name, and that you currently have access to PharmaNet, and
    • be signed by the office manager.

The evidence must be uploaded on ROSS > “Qualifications” tab. If you are in the process of applying for the Prescriptive Authority Certification, please inform the Registration team once you have uploaded the evidence on ROSS by emailing [email protected]

If you need to end your access to PharmaNet following changes to your registration status, Prescriptive Authority Certification, or practice setup/location, you can submit a request through PRIME. 

PRIME uses personal information included on your BC Services Card (name, date of birth, etc.) If you are advised by PRIME Support that the personal information on your BC Services Card does not match with Ministry of Health records, please email [email protected] and we will assist you. 

PRIME enrolment must be renewed yearly. This renewal is separate from your annual registration renewal with CNPBC. The latter runs from mid-November to December 31st of each year. Your PRIME enrolment renewal might fall on a different date.