Practising Naturopathic Physicians in Other Regulated Canadian Jurisdictions

Practising Naturopathic Physicians in Other Regulated Canadian Jurisdictions

If you are registered, and in good standing, in another regulated Canadian jurisdiction, please see Part 4 of the College’s bylaws.

Section 46(2) of the bylaws addresses applicants who are registered in good standing with a regulatory body in another Canadian jurisdiction as, in the opinion of the College’s board, the equivalent of a full registrant.

Those applying for registration under Section 46(2) of the College’s bylaws must review the procedures outlined below and use the forms provided. 

Please note that you must not practise naturopathic medicine in BC, or use the restricted titles of “naturopath”, “naturopathic physician”, “naturopathic doctor”, “physician”, “doctor”, or the abbreviation “Dr.”, until you have provided the College with proof of insurance, and have obtained full (practising) registration.

Applicants must successfully complete the College’s Jurisprudence examination before submitting their registration application. Examinations from other jurisdictions are not accepted in place of the CNPBC Jurisprudence examination

  1. A completed Registration Application and payment of the application fee ($289);
    (See Documentation for instructions on how to complete this form) 
  2. Valid and current government issued photo ID with signature;
    (See Documentation for a list of accepted IDs) 
  3. Proof of current professional indemnity insurance;
  4. Proof of valid and current Basic Life Support (HCP) or CPR for HCP with AED training; (Click here to review the training requirements)
  5. If you intend to apply for any certifications with the College, you must provide proof of valid and current Naturopathic Advanced Life Support (NALS) training; (Click here to review the training requirements)
  6. A CRC Clearance Letter from the BC Government’s Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP); (Click here for more information on completing and submitting a CRC)
  7. Information about your activities since you became a naturopathic physician, including:
    1. Two letters of reference provided by individuals who can attest to your character and specifically your character in relation to your practice as an ND. References should not include family nor employees that an ND supervises. They should be professional colleagues who are familiar with your practice and who agree that the College may contact them regarding the reference;
    2. If applicable, a Certificate of Good Standing or equivalent letter from the competent regulatory or licensing authority in any jurisdiction where you are or were, at any time, registered or licensed for the practice of naturopathic medicine or another regulated profession. Please review Documentation for the letter/certificate requirements. 
  8. An official NPLEX I & II & Minor Surgery examination transcript sent directly to the College from the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE); and
  9. Successful completion of the College’s Jurisprudence Examination

Applicants are encouraged to submit all of their materials in one package. Emailed documents should be submitted in PDF format.

All applicants are encouraged to review the Documentation page for a list of accepted supporting documents and instructions on how to complete certain application forms.

Applications can be emailed at [email protected] or mailed to the College: 

Applicants should allow for sufficient time for all of their materials to be sent to the College. 

Upon receipt of the complete application, the College will contact the applicant regarding payment of the application fee. Applications will not be assessed and processed until a non-refundable application fee and all supporting documentation have been submitted.

Upon processing the application, the Registration team will contact the applicant with an update or will notify them if additional items are needed.

If the applicant has satisfied all of the application requirements, they will be provided with a letter confirming that they have met the preliminary requirements for registration with the College.

The applicant will then be provided with the Practising Registrant Registration form which must be returned to the College along with payment of the registration fees (prorated by month), and a confirmation of professional liability insurance. Registration fees are listed in Schedule C of the Bylaws.

Applications are processed in the order they are received. This typically takes 4-6 weeks. Processing times might increase depending on the period and the volume of requests received.

Unless necessary, please refrain from contacting the College multiple times regarding your application/request as this increases the processing time.

NOTE: Applicants applying for registration are subject to bylaws and policies in effect at the time of submitting their application & payment. CNPBC will become the College of Complementary Health Professionals on June 28, 2024. Applicants applying for registration will be subject to bylaws and policies in effect for the ‘new’ College at that time.

Please note that certification applications will NOT be accepted until a candidate has been granted registration with the CNPBC. If you have been granted registration, please review the certification application requirements here.