Ozone & Oxidative Therapies

Ozone & Oxidative Therapies Certification

A naturopathic physician licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia may obtain certification to practice Ozone & Oxidative Therapies upon completing all certification requirements.

Ozone & Oxidative Therapies includes all therapies involving ozone, hydrogen peroxide, intravenous (IV) ultraviolet therapy, and other invasive oxidative therapies.

A naturopathic physician certified in Ozone & Oxidative Therapies is not permitted to delegate these activities to any other person. It is professional misconduct to delegate any restricted activity, including these procedures.

In order to apply for certification in Ozone & Oxidative Therapies, naturopathic physicians must:

  1. Have the status of full registrant under s. 46 of the College Bylaws;
  2. Be certified in Prescriptive Authority;
  3. Possess a current qualification in Naturopathic Advanced Life Support (NALS); 
  4. Have completed training in safety techniques; and
  5. Have completed one of the below courses.

Registrants may take the following courses to satisfy the training requirements for this certification:

Approved Training
2-day Oxidative Therapies course (IV Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide & UVBI) offered by Dr. Prytula, ND at NaturoMedic TM
2-day Ozone Therapy Certification Course offered by Dr. Bryan Rade, ND at East Coast Naturopathic Clinic
2-day Certified Ozone and Oxidative Therapies Course (Introduction to Bio-Oxidative Medicine Skills – Ozone, H2O2, UVBI and Advanced Bio-Oxidative Medicine Skills – Prolozone) offered by Dr. Christoph Kind ND, Dr. Hal Brown ND and Dr. Jonathon Berghamer ND at Naturopathic Academy of Regenerative Injection Therapy
2-day Ozone Therapy: Comprehensive Foundations offered by Dr. Caleb Ng, ND at West Coast Center for Regenerative Medicine (previously One Living Physician Services)
  • To apply for and maintain certification in Ozone & Oxidative Therapies, registrants must hold and maintain certification in Prescriptive Authority.
  • The administration of prolozone requires certification in both Ozone & Oxidative Therapies and Advanced Injection Therapies (Part A or Part B, as appropriate).
  • Certification in IV Therapy or IV & Chelation Therapies is required for those ozone and oxidative therapies that require IV administration.

To maintain valid certification, you must:

    1. Basic Life Support (BLS) for HCP, or CPR for HCP with AED; and
    2. Naturopathic Advanced Life Support (NALS).