Online Public Register of Naturopathic Physicians in BC

The College maintains an online public register of naturopathic physicians in BC under section 21 of the Health Professions Act. (Links to the Health Professions Act and the College’s Bylaws are available in the Legislation & Bylaws section of the website.)

The online public register includes information about naturopathic physicians in BC, including:

– the person’s name, whether the person is a registrant or a former registrant, and, if the person is a registrant, the person’s business address and business telephone number;

– the class of registrants in which the person is or was registered;

– if the person is a registrant, any limits or conditions on his or her practice; and

– a notation of each cancellation or suspension of the person’s licence.

If you cannot find a record for the naturopathic physician you are looking for, please contact the College office at, (604) 688-8236, or 877-611-8236.