Public Notifications – Archives

The College has an obligation to notify the public of certain actions it takes against registrants under section 39.3 of the Health Professions Act, RSBC 1996 c 183 (the “Act”). Public notifications are made available to the public concerning ongoing, interim, and previous disciplinary actions against registrants.

(Links to the Health Professions Act and the College’s Bylaws are available in the Legislation & Bylaws section of the website.)


The following notifications have been archived


  • Notices of Disciplinary Action that are no longer in effect

Consent Orders
Dr. Pieter Taams, ND                                                                        October 2015
Dr. Andrew Somody, ND                                                                   November 2014


  • Actions under section 35 that are no longer in effect

Dr. Andrew Somody, ND                                                                   June 2014