November 2, 2020

Re: Update Notice to Registrants – Glutathione

On October 30, 2020, the College issued a communication to all Registrants that it had become aware of several cases of suspected endotoxic reaction following infusions or injections of glutathione.

Please note that the College has been advised by Fraser Health that the following IV L-Glutathione Lots, which were prepared at the Galena Pharmacy in Burnaby, BC, have potentially been contaminated:

  1. Lot SE2820;
  2. Lot DDS1720;
  3. Lot DDO2220; and
  4. Lot DDO2020.

If your clinic has received any of the above Lots of IV L-Glutathione, please cease using immediately and advise all patients of possible contamination. Any patients who may be experiencing any adverse reactions or symptoms are advised to go to the nearest emergency room.

Registrants may resume providing IV L-Glutathione treatments to patients, but Registrants are to remain vigilant and ensure the above identified Lots are not administered.

The College has not received any information that oral glutathione has been affected.

The College reminds all Registrants of their professional obligation to report all adverse drug reactions to Health Canada. We also ask Registrants to let the College know of any adverse drug reactions.

The College will provide more information as it becomes available.