Ozone & Oxidative Therapies

Ozone & Oxidative Therapies includes all therapies involving ozone, hydrogen peroxide, intravenous (IV) ultraviolet therapy, and other invasive oxidative therapies. Certification in IV Therapy or IV & Chelation Therapies is required for those ozone and oxidative therapies that require IV administration. The administration of Prolozone requires certification in both Ozone & Oxidative Therapies and Advanced Injection Therapies (Part A or Part B, as appropriate).

Certification Requirements

A naturopathic physician who is duly qualified and licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia may obtain certification to practice Ozone & Oxidative Therapies provided they have successfully completed all of the requirements for the certification.

  1. Training in Safety Techniques
  2. Successful completion of one the following courses:

– 2-day Ozone Therapy Certification Course: Ozone / Oxidation Therapy course offered by Dr. Schallenberger, MD of Oxygen Healing Therapies

– 2-day Certified Ozone Course offered by Society of Progressive Medical Education (SopMed) USA

– 2-day Oxidative Therapies Course (IV Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide & UVBI) offered by Dr. Prytula, ND of NaturoMedic.org

– 2-day Ozone Therapy Certification Course offered by Dr. Bryan Rade, ND of East Coast Naturopathic Clinic

– 2-day Certified Ozone and Oxidative Therapies Course (Introduction to Bio-Oxidative Medicine Skills – Ozone, H2O2, UVBI and Advanced Bio-Oxidative Medicine Skills – Prolozone) offered by Dr. Christoph Kind ND, Dr.Hal Brown ND and Dr .Johathon  Berghamer ND of Naturopathic Academy of Regenerative Injection Therapy.

– 2-day Ozone and Oxidative Therapies Certification Course – “Ozone Therapy: Comprehensive Foundations” offered by One Living Physician Services.

Co-requisites for Certification:

In order to apply for and maintain certification in Ozone & Oxidative Therapies, naturopathic physicians must hold and maintain: