IV Therapy and IV & Chelation Therapies

A naturopathic physician who is duly qualified and licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia may be certified to practice IV therapy or IV & chelation therapies provided they have successfully completed all of the requirements for the corresponding certification.

(Registrants who hold certification in IV & chelation therapies have met the requirements for certification in IV therapy, and are not required to hold both certifications.)

Certification Requirements

IV Therapy Certification

Certification in IV therapy requires training in intravenous (IV) therapy techniques and general safety procedures (does not include chelation) through successful completion of any of the following courses:

IVIT Certification Course offered by Dr. Eric Marsden, ND and Dr. Ruth Ann Baron, ND at the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

IV Basic Procedures Course offered by Dr. Michael Prytula, ND at NaturoMedic TM

– IV Course offered by Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, ND

– IV Nutrient Therapy Principles and Practice for Success offered by Dr. Erica Kubanek, ND at The IV Health Centre

Parenteral Therapy course offered by the National University of Natural Medicine (available only for NUNM students)

BC IV Therapy Certification course offered by Ariel Jones, ND

Restoring IV Certification from IV & Chelation Therapies Certification:

Registrants who hold IV & Chelation Therapies Certification may restore their IV Therapy Certification by completing the following application form if they no longer wish to provide chelation therapies as part of their practice.

 IV & Chelation Therapies Certification

Certification in IV & chelation therapy requires:

  1. CNPBC certification in IV Therapy; and
  2. training in IV chelation techniques involving EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA, and corresponding advanced safety procedures, through successful completion of any of the following courses:

– IV Chelation (Heavy Metal Detox) offered by Dr. Michael Prytula at ND, NaturoMedic TM (NaturoMedic.org)

– Chelation Course offered by Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, ND

Co-requisites for Certification:

In order to apply for and maintain certification in IV therapy or IV & chelation therapies, naturopathic physicians must hold and maintain: