PRP Injections to the Face and Other Skin Areas for Aesthetic Purposes

Certification in PRP injections to the face and other skin areas for aesthetic purposes authorizes a registrant to perform injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP) immediately below the dermis of the face, neck, scalp, and hands for aesthetic purposes.
(Note: Injection of PRP for a therapeutic purpose, such as in a prolotherapy context, including injections in joints, ligaments, and tendons, requires certification in Advanced Injection Therapies.)

Devices used for these procedures must have an active medical device licence from Health Canada (search Health Canada’s Medical Devices Active Licence Listing by “Device name”).

Naturopathic physicians who provide injections of PRP to the face and other skin areas for aesthetic purposes are required to complete CNPBC approved education and training prior to performing such procedures, including certification in Prescriptive Authority, and to maintain currency in the practice.

Certification Requirements

In order to apply for certification in PRP injections to the face and other skin areas for aesthetic purposes, naturopathic physicians must:

  1. Have the status of full registrant under s. 46 of the College’s Bylaws;
  2. Be certified in Prescriptive Authority;
  3. Possess a current qualification in Naturopathic Advanced Life Support (NALS); and
  4. Have satisfied the training requirements for this certification.

Registrants may take any of the following courses to satisfy the training requirements for this certification:

Cosmetic PRP Skin Injection Course offered by Dr. Henry Ngai MD and Dr. Moon-Sang Choi, ND at the Canadian Society of Skin Medicine.

– Aesthetics PRP Injection Course offered by Viatrexx.

PRP Platelet Rich Therapy Cosmetic Applications course offered by Dr. Michael Rahman, ND at the Pinewood Institute for the Advancement of Natural Therapies.

Aesthetic Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) course offered by the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (IIAM).