Aesthetic Procedures

A naturopathic physician who is duly qualified and licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia may obtain certification to practice aesthetic procedures, provided they have successfully completed all of the requirements for the corresponding certification. Registrants may only practice each of the following specified aspects of practice if they are certified to do so.

Application Process & Certification Requirements

Once a registrant has successfully fulfilled the certification requirements, they may apply to the College for certification in an aesthetic procedure by submitting the form applicable to the aesthetic procedure and proof of certification requirements to the College office.

To apply for and maintain any of the certifications set out above, registrants must be certified in Prescriptive Authority, and hold valid qualifications in NALS.

Applications should be made within one year of completing the course. Complete applications will be reviewed by the College as they are received. If approved, registrants will be notified of their certification by letter, which must be received before the registrant performs the aesthetic procedure(s) on patients.

For further information about specific application requirements for each aesthetic procedure certification, see the corresponding links, above.