Practice, Self and Peer Reviews

Practice reviews are an important and integral part of the College’s Quality Assurance Program. The practice review process includes a number of procedures:

(1) All full (practising) registrants are expected to complete both a self review and a peer review every two years (coinciding with each two-year continuing education  period). These forms are available for registrants to download from the College’s Registrant Online Self-Service (ROSS) system.

(2) Each year, at least 15-20 full (practising) registrants are selected for a practice review. When a selected registrant works in a place of practice with other registrants, all of the registrants working at that place of practice will be reviewed. The purpose of the practice review process is to ensure that all registrants and clinics are operating at the standard expected of naturopathic physicians in British Columbia. The practice review is an opportunity for the College to engage in a dialogue with registrants at their place of practice, and help them identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The assessors conducting the practice review will reference the College’s Standards of Practice and several key checklists including the Naturopathic Clinical Office Checklist, the Emergency Medical Kits Checklist, and the Hyperbaric Facility Checklist (if applicable). If you are a registrant and would like more information regarding Practice Reviews, log-in to the College’s ROSS system.

(3) Registrants are also required to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education every two years. Click here for more information about the College’s Continuing Education requirements.