How to Apply to Register with the College

Applicants applying for registration should carefully review the procedures outlined below and use the forms provided. Applicants should allow for sufficient time for all of their materials to be sent to the College. The College requires a complete application package and payment of the application fee to process an application for review. Review the section “Submitting your Application to the College” below for details regarding payment and timing,

NOTEYou must not practise naturopathic medicine in British Columbia, or use the restricted titles of “physician,” “doctor” or the abbreviation “Dr.”, until you have provided the College with proof of insurance, obtained full (practising) registration and received a Certificate of Registration (Form 8). 

Application Requirements 

Applicants must successfully complete the College’s Jurisprudence and Oral/Practical examinations. Please note that examinations from other jurisdictions are not accepted in place of this College’s examinations. For more information, see College Examinations.

Application Package 

  1. A completed Registration Application and payment of the application fee ($250);
  2. A completed Testament-to-Moral-Character-Form form;
  3. A completed Form 3 – Statutory Declaration (Practising) (Note: Do not write “N/A” beside any statements. If all statements are true, please sign at the bottom of the form. If a statement is not true, please provide an explanation.);
  4. Originals of the following must be sent to the College directly from the relevant institutions:
    1. Official Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations (NPLEX) transcripts sent directly from North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) (including Part I – Biomedical Science, Part II – Core Clinical Science, and Part II – Clinical Elective: Minor Surgery). For more information about the required examinations, see Requirements for Registration.
    2. Official transcript from an approved naturopathic medical school.
    3. Official transcript(s) showing evidence of not less than three (3) years liberal arts or sciences study.

Applicants must complete a criminal record check with the BC Government’s Criminal Records Review Program. For more information about how to complete and submit the criminal record check, see Common Questions.

Practising Naturopathic Physicians

If you are a naturopathic physician in another jurisdiction, the application requirements may differ from those set out above. For more information, email your queries to and staff will be pleased to assist you.

How to Apply to Reinstate Registration with the College

Pursuant to the College’s bylaws, specifically section 58, where it has been less than three (3) years since you were a full (practising) registrant, the following information is required for the application for reinstatement:

  1. Items 1-3 listed above under How to Apply to Register with the College
  2. A Criminal Record Check clearance (If it has been more than 5 years since your last clearance, visit the Common Questions about Criminal Record Checks page on the College’s website to access the online CRRP process.)
  3. Information about your activities since you were a full (practising) registrant with the College, specifically:
    1. A list of all continuing education that you have taken in the past 24 months, and evidence of at least 40 hours of course completion. (NOTE: This information, as well as supporting documentation, may be uploaded in the Registrant’s Online Self-Service (ROSS) system.)
    2. Two (2) letters of reference provided by individuals who can attest to your character and specifically your character in relation to your practice as a naturopathic doctor. This should be someone who is familiar with your practice and who agrees that the College may contact them regarding the reference.
    3. If you have practiced naturopathic medicine anywhere while you were not a full (practising) registrant of the College, provide a written summary of all your practice experience as a naturopathic doctor since that time.
    4. If applicable, a Certificate of Good Standing, or equivalent letter, from any and every naturopathic regulatory body where you have obtained licensure.

Pursuant to bylaw section 58(3), when it has been more than three (3) years since you were a full (practising) registrant, in addition to the application materials set out above, the Registration Committee may require the successful completion of examination(s), upgrading program(s), or period(s) of supervised practice. After you have submitted the requested information, the Registration Committee will review the materials to determine whether any further requirements must be met to complete your application for registration.

For additional information about changing classes and parental leave, please click here.

How to Restore a Certification with the College  

A registrant who has not maintained a certification for a specified aspect of practice must apply to restore that certification prior to resuming that aspect of practice (see: Standards & Requirements for Certifications). The Application for Restoration of a Certification form can be found on the Registrant Online Self Service system (ROSS) under the Forms & Resources area > Registration folder.

Submitting your Application to the College

Applicants are encouraged to submit all of their materials in one package. Any emailed documents should be submitted as PDFs.

Upon receipt of the application, the College will contact the applicant regarding payment of the application fee. The full application package will be reviewed once all of the materials and payment have been received. At this stage, application processing typically takes 5-10 business days.

If the applicant has satisfied all of the application requirements, they will be provided with a letter confirming that they have met the preliminary requirements for registration with the College. The applicant will be provided with the practising registrant registration form which must be returned to the College along with payment of the registration fees (prorated by month), and confirmation of professional liability insurance. The College will process these materials within approximately 5-10 business days.